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PUPPY PROGRAM: Our puppy program introduces dogs to birds (such as pigeons, chukkars pheasants and ducks), firearms and water. Dogs as young as 5 months or dogs with no hunting experience are encouraged to start at this level. Upon completion of this program, your dog will be flushing, retrieving birds (both on the land and in the water). This program provides the building blocks in becoming a good hunting dog.

OBEDIENCE TRAINING: We train all breeds of obedience.

  • Sit
  • Heel
  • Down
  • Come
  • Stay
  • Kennel Up
  • Off

And any other obedience commands you request.

INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM: The intermediate program is designed for all dogs 8 months or older.

  • On-Off Leash obedience
  • Retrieve to hand (force fetching)
  • Water Skills (boats, blinds, decoys)
  • Steady to shot.
  • Pointing skills
  • Field skills (flushing, tracking, quartering, flyaways)
BOARDING: West Country Kennels offers short-term and long-term boarding. All dogs are exercised three times a day and bathed upon departure.  Board and train programs, typically three to ten days, are designed specifically for the level of your dog’s obedience or hunting abilities.

ADVANCED PROGRAM: The Advanced program is designed for all dogs that have been through the intermediate program.

  • Hand signals.
  • Land and water.
  • Steady to shot.
  • Steady to flush.
  • Advanced obedience.
PRIVATE LESSONS: Brian offers one on one training for you and your dog on an hourly basis. Private lessons are for all breeds regardless of any previous training they may have had.

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